Privacy Policy

Howard Consulting Limited is a data controller registered for data protection purposes under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 and the company will process any personal data or special category data which it is supplied with in accordance with the requirements of the Law.

Personal data may be collected or received by the company when contact forms or emails are sent to the company or when agreements are entered into with the company for the provision of services by the company. Personal data which is collected or received is used and processed for account set up and administration, undertaking professional or consulting services by the company, communicating with the clients of the company, conducting internal business analysis and to meet legal obligations applicable to the company.

Data is stored and processed within the European Economic Area. The company exercises due care to protect data against accidental loss and unauthorised access and data is held for the length of time prescribed by the Law. Persons whose data is held by the company have certain data subject rights to access and control their personal data as provided in the Law. Any person wishing to exercise data subject rights should in the first instance contact Simon Howard who is the principal of Howard Consulting Limited with their request which will be handled and responded to within the time limits prescribed in the Law.